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What Becomes of BaS ?

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  • What Becomes of BaS ?


    This episode has been so long delayed I lost count !

    Will this one finally be released, shelved or cancelled ?

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    All of us want to get Bread And Savagery out.
    It's a great story and has some great performances.
    As we are focusing on finishing THT to get released its really hard to answer your question, except that we want to release it.


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      I have watched all of the episodes produced so far, and I am impressed. I was not expecting the change in the actor playing Captain Kirk when Brian Gross took over the character, so I looked for an explanation. Imagine my surprise when the episode he first played Kirk in was not in the list! There are 2 episodes that star him as Kirk (The Holiest Thing being just released), but the one he took over the role in has yet to be released? This (as Spock would say) is not logical! What happened to postpone Bread and Savagery for so long that 2 other episodes have already been released?

      I am a Trekker since 1967. I missed the first season because I (mistakenly) thought Star Trek was just another Star Search type of program. I discovered it when I came home from school one day and found it on the TV as I walked through the door. I was 14 then, and it was late in the second season. I was immediately a fan, and wondered what this show was. When at the commercial break the announcer said Star Trek I almost died! I couldn't believe I had missed an entire season and most of a second! I made up for it. I think I have seen all 79 episodes (and the original pilot) at least 10 times each. In my younger day I could describe every episode in detail, but unfortunately time has taken its toll and I can't remember things as well as I used to be able to.

      Also a little OT, on your main page, where you describe how many actors have played a given character, you failed to mention that Carl Sheldon (who looks and sounds remarkably like James Doohan) played the role of Mr. Scott in the first video (Scotty needs your help and in the latest release, The Holiest Thing). The role has also been played by Jack Marshall and (currently) Charles Root. The Cast and Crew page shows this, but the paragraph on the main page does not mention it.


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        Hello Wayne,

        Thanks for joining and sharing your discovery of the show. It seems you are one of those for whom the first contact with the original series was the right one.

        You are right, the Scotty actors facts are not all on the main page of the website, the reason is simply all these changes could not fit such an introduction text and the one given are only examples. This is of course not an omission, all actors are duly mentioned in the episodes end credits, and in the case of Carl Sheldon, he is listed as guest star, so apart from the regular crew.

        Phase 2 / New Voyages is a fan-production but the high quality level you can see in the episodes is the result of hard work and strong willingness to offer the best possible show. Sometimes it requires to spend more time on it than expected. Reasons can be numerous and of any kind, but the goal still remains to achieve the best quality. So the episodes release date and number are not necessarily the representation of when the story takes place.

        Best regards,
        French subtitles -- sous-titres fran├žais


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          We all want to know what's to become of these last three stories: Torment of Destiny, Bread and Savagery, and, most especially, Origins: The Protracted Man. Do you believe that CBS/Paramount will at least allow you to finish those three, or are you just going to accept defeat? Like James T. Kirk, I don't believe in no-win scenarios. If CBS/Paramount has a problem with you guys finishing those episodes, or if a court martial is the only way to make these episodes available, I welcome it! Star Trek Enterprise restored.pdf