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Timeline Setting of Mind-Sifter

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  • Timeline Setting of Mind-Sifter

    Hi! I have read that Mind-Sifter takes place between Year One and Two of the Five-Year Mission. Does anyone know if this is true? I know it has to take place after Errand of Mercy and The City on the Edge of Forever, but beyond this I know nothing else. I ask because I'm watching all of the TOS, TAS and New Voyages episodes in order for the 50th anniversary and I'm soon to finish Year One (my last episode watched this morning was A Taste of Armageddon). Thanks! - Chris

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    I only know the story better suits the TOS period than the 2 remaining years, but with no more precision, sorry.
    What is to be remembered is that the authors were not meant to follow a continuous plot all along the series and that episodes were almost all independant ones. As well, P2/NV episodes are not shot and released in a significant order, so don't focus on the timeline (especially when time travel is in the game), and enjoy the stories whatever the order. Mind Sifter will not change your overall point of view since it has no repercussion on TOS. But maybe it could be met again later, who knows ?

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