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    Since the official website is rather poor in informations and I do not follow Facebook, is there any news about ToD ?

    McCoy was so in love in the first part that I can't wait to know more about this sequel.
    I know there is a lot of work to do on this episode but to have an estimation of a release date would help to wait until then.

    Maybe this will start a debate, but I wonder why it is always said that "this episode est the best ever made" ? This is purely a subjective affirmation from peoples who know there is a hitch here and a fault there, which quite no one else will notice. Such a phrase seems to mean that the older episodes are almost bad compared to the last one. I strongly believe it is not. If we can see that the first episodes were not at the same level, we can understand why and since we have seen the tremendous progress between then and now, it is difficult to see what more could be done because the quality level is so far higher than TOS.
    Actually, the improvements should be in the episodes process because the writing is excellent, as is the final result.
    I understand this year has been heavily charged with moving the studios and building new sets, I hope this done the work will be easier for the team and that operations will go smoother and faster !

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    Hi Nicolas,
    I'm Dennis and I'm the 1st AD (assistant director)
    ToD did complete principal photography at the end of July.
    In film language, we got the episode "in the can."
    Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on The Holiest Thing.
    Once we release THT, post production will commence on ToD.
    Thanks for your input and questions!


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      Thank you Dennis !
      Don't forget to send the finalized version to Peter Walker for he will dispatch the subtitling team and we bring the necessary alterations prior to release as it was originally planned.
      The same applies for ToD: it would be great to offer the simultaneous release in each languages...

      Best regards,
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        Hi! When does this episode take place in relation to The Holiest Thing? I ask because the trailer seems to show the older style Enterprise from before The Holiest Thing. I seem to remember someone wrote online that the New Voyages episodes can take place anywhere during the five year mission - is this the case?


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          Sorry GentlemanCMM for this late reply.
          In fact, it is more THT that is to be considered as taking place after the 5 years mission, as the complete cut show the story told by an old Scotty from memories.
          You can find an explanation on the THT page of the stnv international website (link attached).

          For the place of ToD on the timeline, I do not have the information but I guess the episode will give some clue on how long since they met last time or to allow some calculations with a reference to remaining time.
          Time will tell, I hope soon...

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            Thank you for the information, and no worries on the waiting! Do you know if the new episodes have the intention to complete the five year mission and perhaps even dramatize the often-discussed second five-year mission after The Motion Picture?


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              Well, I can not tell what the future episodes will be about because I just do not know, but the New voyages project IS ACTUALLY meant to be the continuation of the 5 years mission. Maybe it is premature to think about dealing with a second 5YM because the remaining task to have the first one completed is just tremendous. If ever the project is still running that far, the difficulty would be greater since it means way more stories to create from nil. It is already a great challenge to release the existing and current episodes on volunteer efforts and funding and I guess handling the present would remain the priority for some time.
              But interesting thought for the future, I sincerely hope New Voyages will live long and prosper enough to meet that question one of these days...
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                I'm dying to know what will happen in this continuation of an Original Series classic, because I do NOT want the Enterprise destroyed, because that isn't supposed to happen until Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. I just hope the destruction was only a mind game.
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                  Dammit, Jim! Does this mean that we'll never see Richard Hatch's final performance? I hope CBS gives you special permission to finish "Torment of Destiny" as well as the other two.