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    Thanks to you all for the time and work you have invested honoring the memory of Star Trek.
    My worst fears have come at last.

    You have revived the patient only to have the network zombie turn against you. I wish it were possible to embargo the star trek movies - just for one week each. Not to destroy - Just to point out how many individuals support continued production of Episodes of Star Trek. Trekkies must only be perhaps 25% of Star Trek Moviegoers?

    No one stops us from performing Shakespeare's Plays. I feel sure that over time many Actors will perform in Kirk, or Spock's roles. It's just natural evolution in theater.

    The network has always been wrong with Star Trek.
    Remember they killed the original series.

    I had to remove my previous inflammatory words, and I cannot say what I would wish. You believed that you received permission to perform an honorable, rendition of the Star Trek series. Which you did in good conscious. You deserve praise not restrictions.

    Music: apparently it was outsourced, somewhat. The music rights are not all owned by the network. They never had permission to loan them to anyone? .. so .. They also do not have permission to restrict property not their own? It is the movie makers responsibility to attain legal usage.

    They cannot outlaw turtlenecks, aliens, 70's hairdos. They cannot ban astronomical terminology. Only terminology specific to the series they purchased so long ago.
    After all how much does JJ Abrams version of Star Trek have in common with the original?

    I feel like the network had nothing to lose allowing production of New Voyages, and an extreme longshot at another series if they could keep Roddenberry's Dream alive on life support.
    I've come around to seeing the "Gay Episodes" as a form of social commentary. But I still feel it took children viewers places their parents would not always approve. (More haters to complain to the network) And this is potential lawsuit stuff - so more restrictions..

    I once helped sick firemen revive an injured motorist. They were vomiting, and had broken the O-2 mask. After I got the oxygen going the driver thanked me, by punching me in the face. A hard lesson! ...they took his O-2 away, and strapped him to a stretcher.
    Sounds familiar.

    Science fiction is a genre. Not an episode. Not a series. Not even Gene Roddenberry.
    They will all pass. Sci-fi will still be there. The dry bones of star trek have become a barrier. You must make your' way around them to the future.

    It is not your fault.
    The network used you. (You were free) Now they have cast you aside with pleasant mouthings. The truth is they used you.

    Make something better. Something they cannot steal from you.
    Love the Science Fiction genre NOT the network that killed Star Trek.. again.

    Thank You all for your hard work;
    perfect or not,
    Last edited by LANDRU; 01-13-2017, 03:43 AM. Reason: Other people could be punished for my sour words ..